About Partnership & Love

We are Chris & Sarah,
Founders of Partnership and Love

Before we founded Partnership and Love, we had to find each other first.

What are we about?

We are two good souls who both struggled in our previous relationships. Many years ago, before we met, we each went through a divorce – experiencing the worst of relationships. And afterwards, we both wandered aimlessly through “single” land and all of its ups and downs. Each on our own, we both knew that we wanted to be with someone, and wondered if we would ever experience the kind of love and relationship that we thought might exist, but hadn’t yet found. 

And then we found each other…

(That’s a whole other story!) We knew we wanted to be together, so we made an agreement that we would do whatever it took to create the best relationship for ourselves.

Thus we embarked on a multi-year journey of learning, research and practice. We found that there was so much information and differing opinions, that we had to boil it down to a simple, effective philosophy. We discovered that ultimately, this philosophy could be summed up in one word:

Chris & Sarah, founders of Partnership and Love

Sarah & Chris – Two lovebirds who keep the love going with lots and lots of connection.


Connection is not a secret formula, or ‘magic’. It’s something that exists between two people – from the top surface – to the very bottom depths. The problem is that there are so many, many things that get in the way of connection.  Since then, it’s been our mission to learn about all of them and find easy solutions to overcome these barriers. We’ve done that and are now putting this simple philosophy to work to create a lasting love for ourselves.

Connection is just one of the keys

Although connection is the central part of our philosophy, by no means is it the only ingredient to happy and healthy relationships. 

Do you sometimes feel like something is missing in  your relationships?

• Do your relationships start out great, then fizzle out over time?

• Do you have a hard time getting into relationships?

If you answered “yes” or “maybe” to these questions, then you’re about to find out why you’ve been struggling with relationships. But even better, through our courses and coaching, you now can have the simple tools to get your relationships back on track.

The Three Keys For a Lasting Relationship

Our philosophy for relationship success

If you have these, then you are on your way to creating the best relationship.

Our coaching and teaching centers around helping you recognize and create these three keys for your own relationship success.

Continuous Interaction:

Interaction is doing things together, spending time together, sharing your thoughts and interests. Interaction creates physical and mental connection.

Emotional Connection:

Emotional Connection is two people mutually expressing and sharing their emotions, and having the other person fully acknowledge, accept and appreciate those emotions. It is also accepting each other on a deeper level; your past, your dreams, your plans, your ambitions, your core values.

Playing By the Same Rules:

Playing by the same rules means exactly that – you both buy into each other’s list of Relationship Do’s and Don’t’s. When two people in a relationship do not play by the same rules, there is conflict. And where there is conflict, connection cannot grow.

The Foundation Course

In our Relationship Foundation course, you will learn…

  • What is a relationship and it’s key components
  • What is connection 
  • How to create connection
  • The relationship rules
  • Understanding the source of relationship struggles – “There is nothing wrong with you!”
  • When disconnection happens, or when your relationship feels “off”, how to recognize the problem and what to do about it
  • The importance of establishing safety and security
  • The role of commitment
  • Intimacy and sex – fulfilling needs and creating rewarding experiences
  • Much more …

More Of Our Philosophy

These are the simple and straight-forward principles that we teach and that also guide our own relationship success. 

The 3 Keys of Relationship are:

  1. Continuous Interaction
  2. Emotional Connection
  3. Playing By The Same Rules

Connection between two people is part of what defines a relationship. But there are different levels of connection. We call them The Stages of Connection.

Relationship is the third stage of connection. The first stage is Attraction. The second stage in Interaction. And then comes Relationship.

  1. Attraction
  2. Interaction
  3. Relationship

Each stage denotes a deeper connection, which creates a stronger bond and closer intimacy between two people.

Marriage itself is a big commitment, but is not a guarantee that two people will also have the type of connection that results in happy and healthy relationships. It is possible to be married and not be in Relationship. Marriage does not mean you two will forever be creating Emotional Connection, be Playing By the Same Rules, or even Interacting. Many marriages go on for years in misery because the commitment is stronger than the connection.

Many adults do not even know about Emotional Connection, let alone how to create it. And many adults have an unhealthy approach to rules, and thus Playing By the Same Rules can be difficult for them. And for some adults, the only Interactions they are comfortable with are those that they can control. Childhood is where we were supposed to learn these essential relationship skills. But not all parents, environments, or sensibilities are the same, so some of us missed out on those crucial relationship and life lessons.

When someone leaves a relationship, it is because connection had already been lost never developed at the Relationship level.

Thus if you feel that your relationship is suffering, or you are having a hard time getting into relationships, you need to work on your ability to create connection. This is why it is so important to work on the Three Keys of Relationship. All of the keys work together to create connection.