Are your ready for your best relationship?

At Partnership and Love, our philosophy is clear and simple to help you create your best relationship.

You can build your rock-solid relationship with these three keys: 

Partnership and Love

We're Chris & Sarah

Why we created Partnership and Love

Hi! We founded Partnership & Love to teach individuals and couples a simple relationship philosophy that works to keep relationships happy and healthy.

Our philosophy immediately lets us know when we are no longer connecting at the level we desire and that works for our relationship. Because of this, we can quickly identify where we are going astray and take the necessary actions to reconnect.

We found this philosophy so useful and powerful, we knew it would be a terrible waste if we did not share it with others looking to create a relationship as rich and rewarding as ours.

A relationship philosophy that works for ALL.

Because our teachings are universal, they work for all relationships.

We believe love is love. No matter who you love or who you want to be with, making sure you have the three Keys for Relationship will ensure the strong connections that make relationships work.

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